Tips for Avoiding Cold and Flu

Cold flu season

The season of flu and cold attacks. The time of the year has come when cold and flu hits the best of us. No one likes being sick, but to keep yourself away from the viruses and the germs, you need to follow simple steps.


The first and foremost step to avoid getting infected with the flu and cold is to get yourself vaccinated. Take the flu shots before the start of the fall. This may not guarantee a 100% resistance to the flu virus but the study has proven that there are 75% chances of you not getting infected with influenza after getting these shots.

Wash your hands:

Not only for avoiding flu and cold, washing your hand is a necessity for keeping yourself away from various germs. Keep a quality hand sanitizer with you every time. Wash your hands every time when you shake your hands with someone especially during the fall season.

Healthy diet:

A healthy diet improves your immunity system and it helps to protect you against cold and flu attacks. Maintain a healthy lifestyle and always prefer a healthy diet… A healthy diet includes an adequate quantity of fruits, vegetables, and meat through which you can get the required amount of minerals, proteins, carbohydrates, and other essentialities that your body requires to function properly.


Working out has uncountable benefits. It not only helps you in keeping fit, but it also strengthens your immunity system. According to research, obese and overweight people are not only more like to get affected by cold and flu viruses but also from other diseases as well.

Maintain distance from sick people:

It is a nice gesture to visit a sick friend or relative, but make sure you maintain a safe distance with them. Wash your hands or better take a bath after meeting them to avoid getting infected by the virus.

Keep your surrounding clean:

Clean surroundings depict a healthy lifestyle. If you have the flu or cold patient at your home or workplace, make sure to keep your surroundings clean as much as possible. Avoid having maximum contact with them. Keep your belongings clean. And wash your hands every time you shake hands with them.

Avoid nail-bitingly:

Having dirty nails not only makes you more vulnerable to getting attacked by germs and viruses, but it also leaves a bad impression on others. Avoid putting your hands in your mouth, nose, or eyes as these places make the pathways for germs enter your body.

Quit smoking:

Yes! Another reason to quit. Smoking weakens your respiratory system which in turn weakens your immune system and you are more likely to be attacked by viruses of flu and cold.

Staying fit and leading a healthy lifestyle requires a little effort but the outcome is worth it. Life is too short to waste it by getting sick. Stay healthy and enjoy your life to the fullest by keeping in mind the simple tips to avoid illness.